First Nation governance includes 10 core functions that are the foundation upon which all other functions are built. (Leadership, Membership, Planning and Risk Management, Community Involvement, Law Making, Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Information Management and Information Technology, External Relations, and Basic Administration). A First Nation must ensure that programs and projects are provided to First Nation citizens in accordance with community direction, funding agreements and applicable law.

There are both common and variable issues that contribute to the challenges facing Ontario First Nations. Reasons range from a greater need for consistent leadership support, policy implementation and decision-making. The inability to attract and retain a stable and trained workforce, ineffective set up/use of software, internal controls and reporting systems, access to support systems such as human resources and information technology, financial literacy levels of non-financial program managers and more.

Our team consists of experienced, dedicated professionals who work closely with First Nation communities to understand their specific needs, and tailor our services accordingly. At governWISE our belief is that effective governance requires active participation and input from community members, leadership, and other key stakeholders. In addition to providing support and guidance, we also offer capacity development programs and training opportunities. These programs are designed to empower First Nations to build their capacity and enhance their governance structures.


governWISE Alliance is dedicated to assisting First Nations to strengthen governance and build capacity. We believe that by working collaboratively and empowering communities, we can create positive and sustainable change. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your community.



Your governWISE Alliance Team:

Shantelle Graham

governWISE Manager

Maddison Thomson

Communications Coordinator

Jennifer Shaw

Lead Finance Advisor

Lauren Williams

Finance Advisor

Peter Smith CA CPA

Finance Advisor

Katelyn Fletcher

Curriculum Coordinator

Dana Bridgeman Cross

Human Resource Advisor

Audrey Gilbeau

Executive Director / Governance Advisor - Nokiiwin Tribal Council